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Misc links:

Colorfast -- run by me' ol' pal Alex Merrill; features bands such as Sno-Fort, Sad Characters, Kid City, and a good links page. -- home of the Moxie Days Festival in Lisbon Falls, ME -- nationalchampions!

The Internet Movie Database -- a good site to spend several hours mucking around with

Tom the Dancing Bug -- neither bug nor dancing, but very amusing nevertheless ( dancing bugs are pretty damn amusing too).

 A site I can't even begin to explain, except that it's really incredible.

Running Links

Williams College Men's Cross Country/Track Team

USA Track and Field

Schoolish stuff:

Williams College -- where I go

Columbus Academy -- where I used to go

Waynflete -- where I went before that

Music Shtuff

the official Guided By Voices site

Used Kids -- the record store

Anyway Records -- the old skool label from Columbus

My Uncle, Peter Garland

Conlon Nancarrow -- Wow.


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