Some photos I've taken -- there's both small and large versions. The larger versions will have to be viewed in another program (or if you have an enormous monitor).
Waterfall; North Carolina, August 1999 (60K) -- or a larger version (479K)

A group photo from a trek in Tibet, July 1999 (76K) -- (364K)

The ruins of Chonkorgye Monastery (84K) -- (1MB)

A Tibetan kid looking into our tent (36K) -- (164K)

People playing a board game in Kathmandu (64K) -- (792K)

Images from video:
Not only am I going to drop it, I'm going to peg it! (66K)

Angus passes tire on sled! (196K)

Drive faster; I love the speed of machines! - not yet available. Sorry.

Pictures from the Filming of "These Bright Days"--August, 2002
  Pictures from Ned's B-day party in NY
  Archive of old pictures from the front of my page
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