The Game started back in 8th grade, I think. It's never actually been played (to the best of my knowledge), but we used to practice so we'd be good if we ever did play. And hey, if practicing it can be so fun, actually playing must be great. So if any of you out there would like to play The Game, go ahead, and tell me how it goes.

The Rules:

Hmm... rules.... we never really did formalize any rules, but they went something like this:

You use tennis raquets and a tennis ball, and you need an open paved space. It was never quite clear whether you would have walls to bounce it off of or not. You have 3-6 people on each side, each with a raquet, and a lacross-sized goal at both sides of the court. After that, I guess it's pretty self explanatory -- you have to hit the ball with the raquet into the goal. You can raquet check (better not use that fancy raquet you play tennis with) but can't hit people. You can pass, dribble, cradle, bounce, or shoot the ball with the raquet, but you can't touch it with your hand or feet. And (as far as I know) that's it. Enjoy.


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